San Jose Sharks Sergei Makarov Ccm Air-knit Authentic Teal Hockey Jersy 52

   San Jose Sharks Sergei Makarov CCM Air-Knit Authentic Teal Hockey Jersy! Rare CCM Air-Knit authentic ON-ICE jersey (these aren't made anymore). Customized to HOF-er Sergei Makarov with the 1995 "ghost" All-Star Game Patch. Made to replicate the jerseys that were issued to the team for the 1995 season but were scrapped due to the lockout (the patch was never worn on-ice, that's what makes this unique... It's replicating a team-issued style). Customized by the professionals at EPS and is a very fresh kit, hasn't been worn since customization. Don't hesitate to ask questions! The item "San...
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